Why Renewable Energy Is Terribly Important In 2013

T Only a small portion of the electricity we use today comes from renewable sources.1

2 C02 emission is approximately 22% higher than it was in the 1980s, and will keep climbing unless we start using green energy.2

1 U.S. Energy Information Administration
2 Washington Post


Mobile App Screenshot

(Built an API on EC2/PHP/MySQL and iOS front-end)

Other Notes

4 The renewable energy index helps consumers, local governments, and utilit companies, etc. compare how green the energy is that's used in different areas.
5 It takes into account a variety of factors about local renewable energy usage and boils them down into a single score from 1-100.
6 This is like a city's walkability score, or on zillow/trulia/redfin it's like any of the ratings for schools etc. that you'd find
7 Can be used to help homebuyers comparison shop for green energy score, help gov't officials get a big picture view of their renewable energy usage, etc.

Created for NASA's International Space Apps Challenge by Anup, Weifang, Matt, and Linda